York First Baptist


Each month our teachers provide a calendar of special events for each classroom.  We have themes, bible study, special days, visitors, etc...all to help  your child become curious to the world around them, become aware of others, learn to express themselves, to be healthy, and accept themselves with a positive self concept.

We want your child to be prepared for academics and have the desire to want to learn! We also want them to feel happy, secure and loved.

Our Daily Routines include Table time, Circle time, Story, Centers, Music, Art, Outdoor Physical Education, Daily Snack time, Blessings, and closure to the day.

An example of our school calendar is listed below: 

(This is in no way inclusive of the many offerings each school day.)

September: Adjusting to a new environment/School Rules.
                 All About Apples
                 Days of the Week

October: Fall Leaves/Autumn
             Learning to Count 1-2-3's
             The World of Spiders/Bats

             Trick or Treating at White Oak Nursing Home

November: "God Gives us Food"  Ps 136:25
                We are Thankful
                Celebrating our Families

December: Sharing and Giving
                God's Gift of a Son, Baby Jesus
                Making Gifts and Ornaments
                Christmas is a time of Music (Caroling at White Oak Nursing Home)

January: Winter Animals
              Seasons- Wintertime Fun
              We Can Bake
              Five Senses

February: Valentine Love
               Dental Hygiene Month

March: Luck of the Irish
           Rainbow of Colors
           Relay for Life Canned Foods Collection

April: Spring Time Animals
         Life on the Farm
         Raising Caterpillars/Butterflies

May:  Community  Workers/Helpers
        Visit from the York Fire Department
        Garden Fun
        End of the Year Celebration and Graduation