York First Baptist


Welcome to First Baptist Church Preschool!

Our doors are open to children ages three and four of any faith and all nationalities.

We invite you and your child to explore our many opportunities in a variety of experiences in living and learning, in playing and sharing, in loving and being loved, and in growing in a caring environment. Our church has offered this outreach ministry for over thirty-five years. Many of our previous students are now returning with their own young children.

Our purpose is to provide a first-time school environment in which your child can grow physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Visit our church website if you are interested in learning about our church or finding a new church family. http://www.fbcyork.org 

We provide opportunities for Church, Home, and Preschool to work together to meet the needs of your child. It is an excellent chance for children to interact socially with children their own age, as well as with other loving, caring adults who they will learn to trust.

Our Christian based  learning is offered in half-day sessions with well trained and friendly staff. First Baptist Church Preschool has many hands-on learning opportunities, an outdoor playground, daily snacks, and community visitors.

We gladly give guided tours of classrooms in action.  Bring your child and come visit the fun and learning as it happens! Come meet our staff.